James Lynn Thompson

TEMSEA President

Lynn has been an EMS educator since his earliest days in EMS with becoming a CPR Instructor in 1981, where he taught the public and other healthcare providers. He began continuous EMS instruction in 1998 with the Memphis Fire Department in their EMS Training Center, as an In-service, Continuous Education, EMT and Paramedic Instructor. He obtained his state IC certification in 2000. Lynn also helped develop the Paramedic Program for MFD. He served with the Training Department until his retirement in 2012. He has taught as an adjunct instructor for the EMT Program at Dyersburg State Community College-Covington Campus. He serves on the Tennessee EMS Education Committee as the representative for TEMSEA. Lynn became a TEMSEA member in 2000 and a Board Member in 2003. He moved into the Vice-President’s position 2008 and the President’s position in 2011, were he currently serves.